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7 tips for perfect family portraits!

So you’ve decided it’s time to plan for your family’s portrait session with Lumine Photography! We are thrilled! Here are some helpful hints to make your session perfect and specialized to your tastes!

You can go out on the town or have a relaxing session in your own backyard!

1. Let your location work for you: There are many exciting and fun things to consider with an on-location family shoot. Capturing your family in one of the many gorgeous locations of Chicago and it’s surrounding areas may seem daunting, but it can really be whittled down to the perfect location quite easily! Just consider: Where does your family love to have fun? Capturing memories of your favorite places to visit can bring back memories not only of the photoshoot, but of all the times you have visited that location. Love the shore? Then that could be the perfect place for you! Do you spend many of your weekends exploring the city? Then perhaps the iconic Millennium Park, with it’s skyline backdrop, is just your style! Alternatively, if you just welcomed a baby into the family and want to stay close to home or simply want to keep things relaxed, there are many great reasons to have your images captured in your own backyard or the park just across the street!

60's style with Cat-eyes and beehives!

2. Feel Inspired! There are no rules to family portraits! Just because you have mostly seen a certain type of style on other people’s walls doesn’t mean that is the only way to do things. You don’t have to go casual, you can have fun and go all out with a theme that suits your personality! I wanted to go early sixties with some of our more recent family portraits, and it was so fun. Cat eyes, hair bumps, and the guys in pomade and button up shirts. It was a little out of the ordinary, but so is our family, and so is yours! Embrace what excites you, and go for it. Whether you want to break the mold or have a classic family portrait, the important thing is to not be afraid to share your ideas with us! Let’s make something that excites YOU!

What a great choice for clothing colors! Cohesive yet individualistic. Perfect!

3) Consider the Clothing: Now this definitely doesn’t mean that you all need to go matchy-matchy or twin your outfits with your partner’s! But there are a few ways you can consider your group’s clothing choices together, in a way that will really make your images all the more beautiful. You can consider a palette that everyone feels comfortable with, like jewel tones. By just having the members of your group choose something in that family, a ruby colored sweater, your favorite sapphire skirt, and some deep emerald on the kiddoes… your image will both have a pleasing “pop” but also feel eye pleasingly cohesive. Maybe instead of colors everyone focuses on the style. You can all decide to wear snuggly fall gear that’s perfect for an autumn picnic, or have stick to a beachy vibe with lightweight shirts, denim. One client dressed her family with hints of yellow and turquoise. It didn’t scream matchy-matchy, but instead really made the family look as one stylish unit!

This photo, with it's punchy colors, will look great on the wall in her nursery!

4) Consider the final use of your images: Perhaps you’d like me to provide a wall hanging for you for your living room. If the image is going to be displayed in an already decided place then you might like to let me know your interior style of your photo’s new home! For example, my living room is a bit lakeshore nautical with some touches of zen inspiration for the times I like to meditate. I considered this and chose a picture of  my children playing in the lake. I brought out the blue tones to match my sofa. It’s peaceful and nautical, and really pulls the room together! Would images from Lincoln Park’s gardens fit wonderfully on your wall? Whether your style leans from urban to organic, classic or contemporary, I can help you find the perfect location for your style!

A perfect selection of clothing!

5) Avoid Large Graphics and Logos: Sometimes it’s the things you leave out of the picture that make it all the better. Take a look at the items you are considering to wear. That sweater with the bright logo may look great on you, but it may not look so great when the logo, design, or words are drawing too much attention away from the eye. It’s typically best to avoid clothing with text or commercial logos, they are typically designed to stand out, but during your photo-shoot, you should be the star! Uncomfortable clothing or shoes are also something else to look out for. You’ll want to feel comfortable enough to enjoy your session, so if you think those killer heels are going to cause pain you don’t have to ditch them, just bring some cozier slip ons to wear in between clicks!

Treat yourself! Hydration, rest, and a little planning will have you feeling great!

6) Pamper the family beforehand. Make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water the days leading up to your shoot. Your skin will look dewy and fresh! Get your beauty sleep the night before. Sleep will have you looking great and will also keep everyone feeling great. Plan your clothes ahead of time and lay them out the night before as well. Make sure everyone has had enough to eat before picture time. Putting a little bit of consideration into your upcoming shoot will have everyone feeling their best and can make your day go smoothly.

You're surrounded by loved ones, everything is beautiful!

7) Enjoy yourselves! What family and group portraits all come down to is the fact that you are surrounded by people you love. Just relax and enjoy the shoot. We promise to make it fun! You’re going to have great memories of this time of your life, and  you’re being photographed by folks who care, so when it comes time for the shoot just relax and smile! You’re gonna look great!

Photographer & Owner of Lumine Photography. You already know I love capturing the human experience through photographs and films. Did you also know I enjoy making friends with the ravens & crows (my bird call is pretty great!) on my block, swimming in Lake Michigan, & pausing a film to take notes when I think a scene is perfectly lit?