Jared’s Senior Photo Session
September 8, 2016
Ryan and Erica’s Wedding Day
November 2, 2016
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Tara & George’s Baby Shower!

What a BEAUTIFUL party and day! A sweet and loving celebration for a sweet and loving family! There is nothing like being welcomed to capture such a sweet group of family and friends!

The baby shower was held at Jolane’s Cafe, a perfectly posh location in Glenview, Illinois.

The most beautiful Mommy! So ethereal! George was so excited about his new baby and the event photography, so fun!

Photographer & Owner of Lumine Photography. You already know I love capturing the human experience through photographs and films. Did you also know I enjoy making friends with the ravens & crows (my bird call is pretty great!) on my block, swimming in Lake Michigan, & pausing a film to take notes when I think a scene is perfectly lit?