The Gustafson Family Portraits
April 15, 2017
Diana’s Maternity Portraits
May 14, 2017
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The Bator Family’s Newborn & Family Portraits

It was such an exciting time for Wyatt, the new big brother in the family. He would smash and crash with his toy dinosaurs, yet visit baby Bodhi’s side with the gentlest touch.  How sweet to see such a tender hand from such a little guy! Bodhi was such a happy newborn! He gazed at everything with such a calmness and then happily fell asleep after eating. We were able to sneak him into the teddy bear hat and wrap while he slept the entire time. How cute is that little smile?

Photographer & Owner of Lumine Photography. You already know I love capturing the human experience through photographs and films. Did you also know I enjoy making friends with the ravens & crows (my bird call is pretty great!) on my block, swimming in Lake Michigan, & pausing a film to take notes when I think a scene is perfectly lit?