Working with my favorite people? Yes please! Never fretting over a lighting assistant or second shooter being on time? Check! Knowing that everyone in my organization is as passionate about happy customers and gorgeous images as I am? Perfect!

When I began shooting professionally 14 years ago I actually had little clue that I would transform my work into a family business. My Husband is a brilliant software developer with several awesome projects of his own, and my oldest child was always my baby. But time played it’s hand and it turns out that these two have become the people I know I can entrust with my photography and our business.

Ryan keeps Lumine Photography abreast of the most important and relevant technologies our business uses to perform like the kind of reliable and exciting service we strive to give. He is also my second shooter, and a great photographer!

 It’s wonderful being able to lean on someone who knows my aesthetic, and who can help me acheive the images and customer service I strive to give my clients. It’s also so wonderfully fun being able to tell him which clients just welcomed a baby, which client just landed an awesome new job in a cool new city, and which client has scheduled a new portrait session; and to have him be on the same page as me, happy and excited for them!

Now, my oldest son has become a wonderful assistant in our work. He’s here to lend an extra hand, help set up lighting, and assist our studio and on-location shoots so they functioned all the more seamlessly. He’s an artist in his own right, loyal and serious, and always excited to meet new people and see the final product. He’s Owen!

Working together as a family allows us not only to pool our talents and skills together, but to also support and teach the other. Lumine Photography has become a family product that we each pour our passion, pride, and loyalty into.

As for the two youngest kiddos… they make AWESOME test subjects! Joke! Kind of. Actually, not joking at all, they are always in front of my camera when a wonderful client is not. ♥

I can’t wait to introduce you to my business partners!