I am so happy you have made it to this page!
I’m Jessi, the lead photographer and owner of Lumine Photography.
There are a few ways of looking at Lumine. You can learn more about me and my experience. You can check out why I truly consider Lumine Photography a family business, and meet the people who make myself and my business whole.
You can also explore the fundamental principles of Lumine Photography below- and learn how I have spent the last 15 years crafting my skills and philosophy.
You can choose your own adventure (YES, I was one of those kids) below!
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Relationships are a vital part of Lumine Photography. We know that the memories held within your images are not just what is visible to the eye. The emotions, connections, and excitement you feel during your photo sessions with us will be instinctively ingrained in your perceptions of your photos. Because of this we are not only intent on giving you meaningful, rich, and artful images, we are also committed to your experience with us being relaxed yet engaging, exciting and well-tended.

As a married team we are able to provide you with integrated and harmonious support for each and every stage of your experience with Lumine Photography. We can’t wait to create amazing memories for you.


   Keeping with a principle of timeless quality and aesthetic Lumine Photography adheres to a method of logistics that not only leaves zero room for worry, but sets a stage for the character and emotion of the story to play out effortlessly. Logistical planning gives the gift of freedom and room for excitement and the unexpected. 

   Nothing is left out of planning, so that nothing is left out of your story. We start by capturing and understanding your vision for the event, we then move onto producing a written plan of operations. The written plan acts as the day’s itinerary. You know where we will be, what we will be doing, and how we plan to create a victorious shoot from beginning to end. 



    We firmly believe that no photo session is complete without a final physical print. In this digital age we are fortunate to be able to share the images of our lives with those near and far. It’s wonderful to share so easily, but there is truly so much more to the experience of photography than what you can see on a screen. Photographic prints hold a definition and dimension that truly bring another element of captivation to the viewer that completes the exciting process of commissioning a professional photographer.

    To own a tangible piece of art created with and for you holds a gravity and sense of attainment that is at the core of photography.  Whether it is a single mounted photographic print, an album, or the many options in between, we ensure that all of our clients are given something tangible to treasure and experience. All of the creations we produce are made from genuine light exposed silver-halide paper that exhibit the archival qualities and true longevity that will represent your legacy for generations.