Metallic Photographic Paper

Kodak Endura

A note from Jessi:

Hi Friends! I just had to take a moment to express how much Kodak Endura is loved by me. I’ve worked with every paper available to professional labs, and the metallic magic of Kodak Endura is the one for me. It’s all I use for my personal pieces, and I have created this entire print service out of a desire to see each and every one of my clients be able to enjoy a piece of custom art on what I consider the world’s finest light-exposed photographic paper.

Luminous, Lifelike, & Lucent

Kodak Endura is a metallic paper that is a professional standard for many good reasons. When I walk through my home I am greeted by the luminous and lifelike tones of the art on my walls. Kodak Endura has such realistic and lifelike skin tones that I am taken back to the time and place where these images were captured. The silver halide particles that create the metallic appearance of this paper refract light with incredible depth and dimension and make the colors lively and vibrant, the blacks deep and seemingly endless, and the whites stunningly bright and glistening.

Unequaled Longevity

You chose Lumine Photography because you treasure the beauty of life’s big and small moments, just like we do. So we know you’ll love the lifetime image stability of Kodak Endura. In a typical home display, your photos will be color and exposure stable for 100 years. Keeping those gorgeous prints in dark storage like an album or acid-free photo box? That doubles your images’ life to 200 years of color and exposure stability. Yes, I think that’s pretty cool, too!