The smallest details are often the sweetest parts of life. From the symbolism of your decor to the thought placed in your attire and location, it is all a part of the larger picture. Of course, the details are not simply the objects surrounding your event; the subtle emotions and special characteristics of your friends and family are no exception to the photos that are captured.
Candid photography is an art form that allows us to see people in an authentic light, and when done well it allows their personality to be captured in an image. Spontaneous moments and sincere exchanges are the reason that we, as humans, love to gather and celebrate. A photographer that knows when to interact and when to be unobtrusive can foster the atmosphere of celebration and meaning and express it through a photo. Photojournalism, lifestyle photography, and photo essays are all genres that tie into the style of candid photography that Lumine Photography creates.
When the subject acknowledges the camera a connection is made that can create stunning portraiture.Lovely lighting and flattering angles can set people at ease, and also bring out their natural beauty. It's a joy to capture the smiles of my subjects, and it is a gift to be able to deliver the images of my clients' guests to them.
Storytelling is an ancient art form and vital pillar to our human culture. Visual storytelling through photography is a dynamic and compelling technique of capturing and exhibiting our lives and experiences. As an admirer of the art of the story, I have always believed that there is a considerable distinction between a series of photos and a contemplated and intentional narrative. We view each image as a part of the events’ depiction, a chapter that ties together every part to create a whole. Your photos will be evocative and layered with context and significance. Your images will also be able to stand alone to grasp a viewer’s eye and pull them into your experience. I truly look forward to telling your story with the care and consideration that it deserves, and I truly can’t wait to see what unfolds.
Our gallery is the perfect way to choose how you want to share and enjoy your photos. The Client Access Page leaves every option just a click away. You can download your watermark free images and print them anywhere, use our professional lab and start shopping instantly, share your entire gallery on multiple platforms with a single click, or show of your event with a gorgeous and simple to use slideshow. Photographs should be used and enjoyed and the Client Access Page makes it easy to do so.

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